We are designers, manufacturers and installers of charging stations for electric vehicles

Every installation is unique : by knowing our products from software lines to concrete foundations, we can offer fast, agile and personalized service.

Our promises

Charge with 100% renewable energy

We guarantee a CO2-free origin for the energy delivered by our chargepoints.
With our smartcharging system, you can directly use the power from your solar photovoltaic installation or, in case you don't have one, we provide an origin certificate: every kWh delivered is taken into account from a wind turbine in the north of France.

Made with love in France

Our products are made mostly built of local materials with partners from our region.
By employing people in social reinsertion programmes, by using FSC certified wood instead of plastic, we try to do our part in building a society that makes sense to us.

A human service

By taking the time to listening to your need, we find together a tailor-made solution that fits you well. RossiniEnergy designs, builds, installs: we can guarantee that within 15 days we'll be shaking hands looking at your car charge at your premises.

Our products

Charging stations

Beautiful things don't ask for attention --JT

TOSO charging stations

The fuel that comes from the sky.

Industrial Solutions

Solar self consumption innovative solutions for companies with forklifts.

They trust us

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