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Cloudino & Nuvolino

Designed for the enterprises equipped with rooftop solar and forklift trucks, Cloudino and Nuvolino are intelligent chargers that transform forklifts in energy storage systems.

Ideal where electricity costs are high and feed-in tariffs low, their main feature is the capability of a bidirectional flow (charge-discharge) allowing to store excess solar energy in the forklift batteries, to use it in the evening.

In addition the system, with screen and web interface, gives updates of the status of solar and the health status of the battery.

A first step to make vehicle-to-grid a reality and to enhance solar self-consumption.


The intelligent cable Banco is for the electric car owner who wants to participate in the energy transition.

Go beyond clean transportation and help the national grid thanks to an intelligent charge rate of your car – and get paid for it, or choose to fund an environmentally conscious project.

How? Banco, your miniature power plant, takes care of everything by looking up the best moment to charge your car and handling its power, all in a transparent way.


EDI is a solution for the enterprises using any kind of battery powered vehicle: from electric forklifts to electric cars. By using EDI, you can be paid for helping the national grid, by stopping the charge and restarting it at the most favorable time – all with absolutely no impact on your activity, thanks to a customised algorithm.

Let your operations help smooth renewable energy, and discover a new source of revenue for your electric machines.

Borne de recharge RossiniEnergy

The PienoSole chargepoint integrates all Rossini Energy skills to adapt to your enterprise premises.

You can propose to your employees and clients a personalised, connected chargepoint: the recharge will stop and restart following the national grid needs and participate in the transition to clean energy. In addition, if your building is equipped with rooftop solar, it will adapt the charging power to the solar, to reduce the electricity bill and enhance self-consumption.

Take a tank full of sun with PienoSole!

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