Charging stations that are unlike any other

👉 Each model is available in single phase (7 kW) or three phase (11, 22 or 25 kW)

👉 Each model can be calibrated to your charging speed requirements and the capacity of your electrical installation

A partner who takes care of everything

👉 We design your bollards so we are best placed to maintain them

👉 We install your charging stations so we are best placed to advise you on the most suitable charging infrastructure and vehicle model

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Why RossiniEnergy?

Choosing a RossiniEnergy terminal means reducing your impact on the environment, talking to humans, while benefiting from competitive rates.


✅ We manufacture our own bollards in France
✅ The components used are mainly French and European
✅ We use French wood varieties to make our bollards (rather than plastic or metal)
✅ Our ambition is to quickly launch a branch in each region to guarantee close manufacturing and local service

💡 Know how to choose your charging station and get an idea of costs