TOSSO Solar Charging Station


Finally drive on self-produced solar energy, there’s nothing cleaner and more independent.

TOSSO, RossiniEnergy’s solar charging canopy, allows us to do this thanks to a photovoltaic charging system.

The vehicles park under a canopy covered with solar panels and charge at the charging points completely integrated into the wooden structure. TOSSO adapts to your needs in terms of recharging speed and time thanks to the different powers available. Its design allows modularity according to the available space.

You choose a tailor-made charging solution: the number of parking spaces, as well as the number of charging points and their maximum power (7 or 22 kW).

All prices are with delivery and installation included.

Pay a 30% deposit per item
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Certified and labelled installation

Additional information

Dimensions 355 × 685 × 360 cm
Parking spaces

2, 4, 6, 8

7 kW charging points

0, 1, 2, 4, 6, 8

22 kW charging points

0, 1, 2, 4, 6, 8

Solar charging

Thanks to solar control, photovoltaic production is primarily dedicated to vehicle recharging and secondly to building needs or, in the absence of cars, to grid injection.

On average over the year, for each parking space 45 “solar km” are generated per day, often sufficient to complete your daily journey.

Solar control makes it possible to prioritise photovoltaics by using the maximum of this renewable and local energy, and by minimising the contribution of the grid. And when it rains, you can extract the necessary energy from the grid, if needed.

As an option, a screen inside the building allows you to appreciate in real time the cars’ charging as well as the share of self-consumed energy.


Embedded intelligence

Power balancing, time programming, payment app, online visualization… RossiniEnergy’s TOSSO integrate and benefit from all the intelligence of our charging stations.

Wooden structure

TOSSO’s frame is suitable for any vehicle (front or side load). It is made in Artois in the North of France.

Its wood comes from sustainably managed forests.


We developed a web app to control the charging.

A simple access via smartphone allows to activate the recharge by paying online by credit card through a secure link.

For charging point owners, a private access code with password is provided, to recharge free of charge.

A particularly useful function for establishments open to the public, it can be activated subsequently and is available by subscription at all our charging points.


Assembly in 3 days

Thanks to its self-supporting and modular structure, the TOSSO can be installed at a 3-day construction site — in less than a week your project is completed and you can recharge your vehicles. The customer only has to prepare the power cable’s routing to the grid.

TOSSO Brochure