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In an industrial context, the RossiniEnergy bidirectional chargers allow to optimise solar self consumption.

How to store energy at a competitive price? Current battery storage payback time is too slow. We thought: why not use the large batteries we’re sitting on, the electrical vehicles traction batteries? From this thought and the observation of a widespread EV – the electric forklift – are born Cloudino and EDI, the energy storage systems without dedicated batteries.

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Cloudino and EDI are two creative ways to store renewable energy.

Electric forklifts are actual energy reservoirs, that can be used to reduce the energy bill, while improving the battery health and increasing energy autonomy.

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Cloudino, EDI 10, EDI 20

How EDI works

Some companies hava a special opportunity: if they have rooftop solar and significant fleet of electric forklifts.

In these circumstances, there is way to reduce the energy bill in an intelligent way.
Some electrical consumption are more flexible than others. For example, at a home with solar PV, it is economically and ecologically wise to start appliances like dishwasher or the washing machine when the sun shines. Today, the same concept is possible, but at an industrial scale.

During the weekend, EDI measures the solar PV production and weather forecasts.
Then, it decides when the right moment is to start the charges in order to use only solar energy, reducing day by day the charging costs. Moreover, during the week, forklifts are charged starting at off-peak time, to increase savings.

A web portal allows to manually start the charges and monitor the consumption and savings.